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How to open e-gold || How to used e-gold

Operating an e-gold account

To operate your account go to: which should be in your Bookmarks or Favorites in your browser.

In here type in your new account number, You can either type in your Passphase (not recommended), copy and paste it from another doc or use the SRK system:

To use the SRK system simply select the SRK icon and a pop up box will appear. Instead of typing in your Passphase you simply select the characters in the pop up box and the system inserts your Passphase for you. This is a secure method of preventing anyone from picking up your Passphase or password from your keystrokes.

Then select the login button and you will be presented with your Information /Configuration screen:

If you login from a different computer you may get this screen:

You will then need to get the pin number sent to you by e-gold to your designated email address and enter it in the field provided.

The e-mail will have the following information:

You will then be taken to your account. The reason for this is to protect your account from unauthorised access from another computer. More on this in the security chapter.


Is the first screen you see when you login. This contains information regarding how you access your account and from what computer or IP address. Unless you are familiar with this type of activity it is suggested you make no changes until you have become familiar with the configuration, what and when changes should be made. Sufficient to know that with the current settings you will be able to login to your account from the same computer each time, The PIN request will only apply if you log in from another computer.


At the top of every screen within your account you will see a menu. From this menu you can log out or go to any area of your account:

Let's check the Balance of our account shall we? Just click on Balance and the following will come up.

Now select the Spend icon from the menu. You will get the following screen.

Enter the account number to which you want to spend. And the amount in the fields providedensure you chose your unit from the drop down box. Are you spending dollars or another currency or amounts of gold such as grams for example?

Here I have elected to spend 20cents of US dollars to another account. Ensure that you ENTER THE ACCOUNT NUMBER YOU ARE SPENDING TO CORRECTLY. YOU CANNOT RETRIEVE YOUR SPEND ONCE DONE!

Select preview and you will get the following screen.

NOW…you can double check your spend before you confirm to it. If it is incorrect select your back button on your browser to return to the prior screen and redo correctly. If you are happy with the spend select C onfirm . And you will get the following screen.

As you can see I have spent20 cents to Gold Century Press. That will show up in the balance of Gold Century Press's account as well as this account. Here is the new Balance in this account.

History Screens

The other important area to look at is History. Here is the History Screen you see when you select the History icon

and other information. One simply selects the option one would like to see and then view detailed summary if required or just a summary. Here I have asked for a summary of Payments Received and Payments Made with the dates from the 1st to the 20 th of March 2005.

Selecting a detailed summary I would see this following. Of course you would see what is in your account.

To receive funds into your e-gold account a simply matter of giving your account number to the person or company who will be making the spend to your account. Ensure you give them the correct account number and include the account name as an additional verification. Don't give them your Passphase!

To log out you would simply select the Logout icon. Always log out when you have completed your activity in your account. Do not just close the window

That concludes our instruction in using e-gold.


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