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How to open e-gold || How to used e-gold

open e-gold

Here are some practical instructions on how to open and operate gold currencies. Each currency is different so we will take one at a time and I have included some screen shots to guide you step by step and help you on your way.

Here is the first page you see when you go to (open account clik here)

From this screen you select Create Account from the menu on the left which will bring you to the following screen.

Read the Terms & Conditions then select the I AGREE button. You will then be presented with the New e-gold™ Account Creation Form on the next page.

This is the first section of the application form. Scrolling down you will see the balance of the form to be filled in.

This is the last part of the form.

All sections need to be completed with your details by following the instructions as designated on the screen.

Your application should then look something like this but with your personal details:

Second screen:

And third screen:

You then select the Open button and wait.

You will then see the following screen:


Go to your email account and there should be an email address with your new e-gold account Number as shown below. Ensure you read and understand the instructions contained in the email.The next section will show you how to operate your e-gold account.


Date: Saturday, March 19, 2005 5:52 PM

From: To:

Subject: Welcome new e-gold user!

Your new e-gold account number is:


Click on "Access your Account" at the e-gold site to login and begin using

your e-gold account. The e-gold site is at:



* * * Read/Save/Print this email message * * *


Important information about your e-gold account:

- It's OK to tell others your e-gold account number!

Other e-gold Users need your e-gold account number in order to Spend

e-gold to you. So don't hesitate to display it on your web page,

your business cards, or your e-mail signature file.

- However, *DO NOT* reveal your passphrase to others!!!

Anybody with knowledge of both your e-gold account number and your e-gold

passphrase has complete access to your e-gold account; therefore, do not

reveal your e-gold account passphrase to others. *NEVER* enter your

passphrase on any website other than the web site.


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